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Apr 14, 2005 11:36 AM

Vitamix 4500 - should I up it to a 5000 instead?

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I just received a Vitamix 4500 as a gift, and couldn't be more thrilled. (I suppose it is only foodies that are able to receive kitchen appliances from significant others as gifts with positive results. Hehe.)

HOWEVER, reading threads on features and such has given me the inkling that I should send it back (before even opening) and upgrade to the 5000, which has variable speed control.

[Note to those that didn't know the wattage on the Vitamix models - its 1380(!) My dying Oster is 325.]


Thank you kindly!



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  1. Andrea,

    I just purchased the 4500. Thus far, I have only churned out smoothies but it seems like I really only need the low and the high speeds. It was the same with our old Oster - I only used the high speed to make my smoothies.

    Now, with the new 4500, I have found very effective blending even on the low speed. (That's with a banana, 2 cups of frozen fruit, a little bit of juice and a cup of ice.)

    The baby can fly. I'm not so sure that variable speeds are really that big of a deal, especially since the specs are almost identical except for the variable speed feature on the 5000.

    What are you planning on doing with your Vitamix?

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    1. re: sourmango
      Miss Tenacity

      What am I planning on doing with my vitamix? In a nutshell, EVERYTHING.

      With the Oster, it broke down like this:
      80% pureed soups
      15% smoothies (no ice, but frozen fruit)
      5% other

      With the vitamix I am looking towards more smoothies with tougher fruit (as well as pulverizing those berry seeds completely), also the pureed soups, and perhaps a few new tricks. Basically I'd like it to just BLEND REALLY WELL, and for a very long time. I was just a little curious if the variable speed factor made a huge difference with any particular application, like small batches, or chunkier foods, etc.



      1. re: Miss Tenacity

        Well, just having used the 4500, I think it's fine for pure blending. Wonderful in fact!

        Here's a thread though by some people who are quite happy with their 5000. However, I think you could adjust the 4500 to anything you want to do.


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