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Apr 12, 2005 11:26 PM

Making jars of hot fudge sauce: advice?

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My wedding is coming up in two months and I'd like to make favors, and I'm thinking of jars of hot fudge sauce. There's one recipe I have that I like (though if anyone has any they love, please post it, especially if it's particularly good for storing in jars!), but I've never put the fudge sauce in jars before as gifts.

What sorts of things do I need to know? How long can fudge sauce stay good in a jar? Are there any sanitary rules I should follow? Does it matter what ingredients I use -- will certain recipes work better for storage in jars, or certain ingredients?

Any advice and ideas would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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  1. I'd caution against this notion. If you're set on it, at least give it a dress rehearsal. Make it, put it into the size jar you plan to use for your favors, let it sit at warm room temperature for a few days (people won't remember to refrigerate it immediately when they get home) and see if it's still edible.

    Home made Fudge Sauce must be refrigerated. Store-bought can sit on a shelf because it's sealed (like in a water bath) and usually has preservatives.

    Maybe someone will come up with a notion on whether you can seal your jars and, if so, how long they need to process.

    If you want a jarred gift, how about jam or lemon curd? If you want something chocolate, how about a brownie mix in a jar sort of deal?

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      Not a good idea if you're not familiar with canning techniques. You can't just pour somethning in a jar and give it away. There are many dangerous bacteria that thrive both in an oxygen enriched and and oxygen deprived environment. And as the above poster moted, homemade edibles don't contain the perservatives found in commercial stuff. If this isn't something you've been doing for a while and are extremely comfortable with, I'm afraid two months before a wedding may not be the best time to start. Best wishes on a long and happy life together which is the ONLY important thing at the end of the day! :)

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        thanks for your feedback everyone...i think i will try to think of something else...the brownie mix is a good idea!

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          Good idea! Like any unfermented/uncured protein-containing food product, you would have to pressure-can it, and I have no idea at all for how long or how you would have to adapt a recipe to come through the process in good condition. If you've never pressure canned anything, a gift item for a number of people probably isn't the greatest idea as a first-time project...

    2. I agree with the other posters. Fudge sauce has to be refridgerated if it's made with cream and or/eggs, like most recipes. I make sauce every year for Xmas gifts and I keep it cold until I give it away and I remind people to keep it in the fridge or refridgerate it. I believe commercial sauces are processed under pressure and at high temps to kill off any possible bacteria with equipment not usually found in home kitchens.

      What about giving away chocolate instead? Or jam (processed of course)