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Apr 12, 2005 08:48 PM

Blue Cheese Dressing - best brand?

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I don't always have time to make homemade salad dressing and my DH LOVES good blue cheese dressing. What is your favorite brand to purchase? I am looking for one which is rich with flavor, contains real blue cheese, and tastes like homemade. Any suggestions?

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  1. Best store brand by far Ive had is Marie's...comes in a wide, squat glass jar w/ blue lid...found in the refrigerated section (in my grocery store, near the produce) - always needs to be refrigerated...really really thick and nice chunks of cheese...

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      Yes, Maries was what I was going to say also. I like to dip raw cauliflower it a ramekin of it as a snack. I think it is highly superior to anything else.

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        Yes, Marie's is good. Bob's Big Boy is better. See if it's available in your area. Bob's also makes a Roquefort dressing that's delicious.

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          I like Marie's Lite Blue Cheese dressing even better.

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            I use Marie's, vastly superior to everything else sold in the stores near me.

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              I think Marie's is too garlicky or something - I actually like Wishbone Blue cheese dressing, and Marzetti's is pretty good, too.

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              1. Take Dorothy's advice and get Bob's Big Boy if you can. I prefer their roquefort and think it's worth the higher price.

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                  Agree completely, don't bother with BBB's bleu cheese. We like cutting the roquefort with a little good balsamic or rice wine vinegar to accompany certain dishes.

                2. Jimmy's is excellent if you don't have the time or ambition to make your own, but a quarter cup sour cream, a quarter cup mayo, a squeeze of lemon, black pepper, just a pinch of sugar and salt with whatever fine blue or Gorgonzola is also wonderful.

                  1. Litehouse Bacon and Blue Cheese is really good.