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Apr 12, 2005 05:02 PM

KITCHEN AID gas ranges

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have you bought one in the last 2/3 years and do you like it??

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  1. m

    We just bought one in February. I don't know which one you're looking at, but ours is stainless steel and has a "power burner" that actually has a small burner in the center and a larger one circling the smaller one. It boils water FAST. The range also has cast iron grates, and the power burner grate flips over to be a wok stand. Not critical for us, although we do have a wok, but very cool nonetheless :)

    We've been very happy with the Kitchen Aid and all of its features. It's easy to clean because the cast iron grates lift off completely to get to the stovetop. Our old range was so old that it really wouldn't take much to impress us, though.

    1. We bought one three years ago and are happy. I don't know the exact model but it is white (yes, unfashionable...), has electronic controls and convection, and two each bigger/smaller burners. We were never able to simmer until we got this range. The feature described by the previous poster, the small-within-large burner, sounds great but ours doesn't have it. But it works well, was not hugely expensive and was a big improvement over its aged and cool-looking predecessor, which was increasingly unreliable and ultimately dangerous.

      1. Have shed many tears of frustration over ours. It's about 2-1/2 years old, thought it was going to be my dream range. Has this little quirk: If the computer panel gets too hot, the power to the oven turns off. So if you, say, bake a cake, then start using burners, and turn the oven heat up for a Barbara Kafka roast, the thing turns itself off, and can't be turned on again until it cools. There's a fan thats supposed to cool the panel; when it's working, it sounds like an airplane taking off. When it's not, I have to cook so as to keep my *!#@ oven COOL. Perhaps we got a lemon, but they have NOT made good on it.

        Let's put it this way. If you choose this model, also get a decent convection toaster-oven as a backup.

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          mark grossman

          what model do you have??

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            Suberba KGRT607HBL6. Abandon hope all ye who buy this faulty inferno!