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Apr 12, 2005 10:55 AM

Compulsive Indian

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Just wanted to report on a cookbook I used extensively last week/weekend-Indian Home Cooking by Suvir Saran and Stephanie Lyness. I get a bit compulsive when it comes to food so I set out and purchased a bizillion items to cook Indian, hoping to make it all in one day so I could air out my house (kids wanted to sleep outside!).
I loved this cookbook, not as much oil used in recipes, pictures are great and the food tasted incredible (if I do say so myself!). I am not Indian, but I did share my stuff with my Sri Lankan friend and her family thought I did well!!
I made: Spicy squash, eggplant and lentil stew (this was great!!), smoked spiced eggplant (again, YUM!), lamb curry (okay, I think I screwed this one up), stir fried cabbage with south indian spices and 2 recipes from my friend, butternut squash curry (EXCELLENT)and Cauliflower with mustard seeds. I'd highly recommend this book!! (Now what do I do with all of the food???)

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  1. i am with you. i LOVE this book - can't say enough good things about it. since getting this book about a month ago i have cooked indian food about once or twice a week. everything always turns out incredible.

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      What did you make????

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        i've made just about all the simple dals and raitas. the chicken curry with potatos. cilantro-mint chutney. mango lassi & indian lemonade. okra sauteed with tomato, ginger, & chile. but my favorite is the kwality's chickpeas. they take me right back about 10 years ... to an old ex's mother's chole, which i loved much more than i did my ex! i made the mistake of breaking up without getting her recipe. over the years i've cooked and eaten many indian chickpea preparations, always searching for those chole. and i had just about given up, until i tried this recipe. it's not exactly like hers, but it's the closest i've ever had ... close enough to give me hope that with some tweaking i will be able to reproduce her recipe.

    2. His restaurant is Devi on 18th Street in Manhattan.

      1. Thanks for your personal rec; have heard many positives about this new book.

        For those who might want to test some of the recipes before buying Indian Home Cooking, Leite's Culinaria (link below) recently did a small feature and added 3 recipes from this cookbook to their wonderful database of cookbook recipes.

        Look for these recipes from Saran and Lyness:

        Laholi Chicken Curry with Whole Spices and Potatoes
        Sweet Saffron Pilaf with Nuts and Currants
        Chai Pots de Crème


        1. I need more Indian pickle and chutney recipes. How many does this book have? Thanks.