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Apr 11, 2005 10:34 PM

New ways to eat passion fruit?

  • j

They're coming into the stores more now. I love their tangy, aromatic flavor and would like to expand the way I eat them to more than just on top of Total yogurt or mixed into spritzers or made into sorbets. I don't usually like cooked fruit, since the flavors and textures seem to suffer from the heat but am willing to try some. Anyone have some good tips? TIA!

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  1. Where?? Where can I get some (that don't cost a fortune)??? I'm in NYC.

    There are lots of New Zealand recipes out there for passionfruit, and this one (link) is something I'd definitely want to try.

    I also loooooove passionfruit curd. There's a recipe in Nigella Lawson's Domestic Goddess cookbook, but I haven't tried it, because I never had a dozen perfectly ripe passionfruits in my possession at one time.


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    1. re: Sir Gawain

      I'd love to get some in NYC also. Lived in Australia for a while, and had a passionfruit vine in my backyard. We had so much of it it would go bad sometimes. When I'd start eating it, I just couldn't stop. Just cut them in half and scoop it out with a spoon, over and over and over.... and I don't really like much in the way of fruit.

      1. re: bigskulls

        I've seen them at Likitsakos, a Greek food store on the UES, but they charge $2 per piece which seems like a rip-off to me... but I may have to yield.

        Passionfruit is one of the most addictive flavors in the world IMO. I just can't get enough...

        On a tangent, have you tried the passionfruit hearts from Jacques Torres? Incredible. His lemon and Earl Grey chocolates are great too, but that passionfruit heart...

    2. passionfruit curd is quite good. its tart flavor makes it a great foil to really rich dairy creations or intensely sweet things like cakes, pavlovas, and sir gawain's panna cotta. for savory use, i've used the curd with pork and chicken. if you can get puree (usually sold frozen), it makes a great sauce for pork, chicken, and (my favorite) seafood.

      i like seared scallops and cooked bacon, deglazed with sherry and some passionfruit puree. a pinch of ground cardamom and chopped cilantro is also quite good too. passion fruit puree makes a great dip for coconut baked shrimp or just grilled shrimp in general. lobster, langoustines, and even monkfish's dense texture and sweet flesh are great with the passion fruit flavor.

      1. I was served Pavlova for dessert frequently while living in Austraila in the mid '80s, and I loved it.
        Epicurious has a recipe....

        1. j

          Thanks for the pointers, folks!

          The passionfruit pavlova sounds great and I'll have to look for that puree in the freezer aisles once it becomes hard to find the fresh fruits again.

          I'm in CA, Sir G, so maybe spring crops have come a little sooner to the West coast than the East. Good luck finding some in your markets soon.