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Apr 11, 2005 01:25 PM

Great Trader Joe's Dinner

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Saturday night I cooked the BF dinner, and his response was, "Oh my God! This fantastic. I've never had anything as good, even in a restaurant. You should make this in a restaurant."

I'll let others be the judge, but the dish was so darn simple that I thought I would share and was made entirely from Trader Joe's products.

I boiled up cheese tortellini from TJ's and tossed with a little olive oil. I sauteed a cube of the frozen chopped garlic in olive oil, then added in some of the "Just Salmon" premade in the fridge section. I then added a ton of this Roasted Vegetable tapenade we picked up on Saturday at TJ's. I folded in the pasta, added a little bit more olive oil and tapenade to get the right consistency for my taste. I imagined it would have been good with some freshly grated parmesan over it, but sadly we had none. A garnish would have been nice too, but the BF doesn't care about that. The kicker was that even he the salt fiend added no salt or seasoning to my dish; he usually likes to add this hot salt to kick up the heat, but he didn't on Saturday... for me, that was a small but poignant victory.


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  1. thanks for the info - curious to know what you would have done for the garnish? sounds great!

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    1. re: jaydee

      Possibly a few shreds of fresh basil.

    2. Sounds great.... you mentioned the frozen garlic in olive oil. Is that from TJ's. I shop primarily @ TJ's and have never seen it there!

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      1. re: poifan

        The frozen garlic and the olive oil two separate ingredients.

        The frozen crushed garlic is by Dorot and in the freezer section in a very samll green container. Each small cube of crushed garlic euqlas one clove. It is alsways incredibly fresh and pungent, moreso than crushing your own fresh sometimes, and much easier.

        If you look again, you can see that it also can read that she sauted a cube of that in olive oil.

        1. re: kc girl

          Exactly, garlic from frozen section and EVOO from TJ's too.

      2. Was the cheese tortellini the fresh packaged or the dry packaged?

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        1. I may still be a little under the flu at this point, so pardon my confusion. This dish sounds great, but I want to be sure I get it right.

          When complete, is it all one dish?? Cheese toretllini with Salmon and veggies all together?? We've used TJ's 'Just Chicken', in Chinese Chicken Salad, but I don't think I've noticed salmon the same way. Mixing salmon with cheese (in the toretllini),is a bit different for me, but it sounds something like a seafood fettucini dish with vegetables I've had in a cream sauce...... and enjoyed. Thanks.

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          1. re: Midlife

            Yep, everything all together... I looked at what we brought home... he picked out tortellini, the Just Salmon was gonna be for him to take to work, the tapenade possibly for something else, but I just threw it all together.

          2. I don't mean to criticize, but I might suggest that your boyfriend added no salt because the dish contained so much to begin with. I'm sure the pasta and tapenade, in particular, were loaded with it. Packaged food is packaged food even if it's from TJ's.

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            1. re: Grace

              Concur on that... but he adds salt to EVERYTHING, even salted pre-packaged food.