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Apr 10, 2005 10:00 PM

Green sauce with empanadas at Argentinian restaurant

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I went to an Argentinian restaurant in Chicago several months ago and still have the green sauce they served with the empanadas on my mind. Anybody know how to make it? I just remember it being green, garlicy, and heavenly!


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  1. If it's chimichurri, I just made it last night for the first time to liven up some flank steak. Found a recipe on epicurious for steak and chimichurri toasts, and just left out the bread. Only change I would make is to use less oil, otherwise it got rave reviews.

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      1. Was the sauce pesto-like consistency (would be chimichurri) or was it blended smooth and opaque?

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          Hmmm...I sort of remember it being like a pesto I think. Not chunky but teeny tiny chunks. And slightly oily but a good amount of oiliness.

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            That's unusual because I have never had an empanada with chimichurri, they usually come with the pureed "salsa verde," which is made with cilantro. Chimichurri is for putting on meat. All jarred chimis I have had have been poor, you pretty much need to make your own. The key ingredients are parsley, garlic, oil, and vinegar.


        2. It probably has a lot of ground-up cilantro (coriander). I find that this is much fresher and cheaper at Asian markets than supermarkets. Try making a sauce by adding minced garlic, chopped tomatillos, and chopped green chilies, plus a little oil to hold it together. This is really good!

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            I believe parsley is the "correct" herb for chimichurri, but who can argue with cilantro?

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              I love cilantro; I even like to munch on it raw.