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Apr 9, 2005 06:43 PM

what to do with cinnamon?

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what do i use with ground cinnamon?

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  1. cinnamon toast or cinnamon rolls are my two favorite uses for cinnamon. but instead of sweet, I also love cinnamon in savory dishes.

    I also like this marinade for pork tenderloin Or chicken... (measurements are approximate) if I'm trying to be fancy I'll skewer bone-less, skinless chicken breasts on cinnamon sticks for this dish.. makes them like drumsticks:

    1/4 cup hoisin sauce
    1/4 cup plum sauce
    1 tsp or two (to taste) chili paste (samal olek or similar)
    a couple sprinkles of cinnamon
    dash of sesame oil
    2 tbsp of dry sherry
    1 tbsp chopped ginger & garlic

    marinade then grill or roast. mmm... spicy, cinnaomny... very tasty.

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    1. re: megan

      hey Megan.. any recipe on the cinnamon toast?


      1. re: SAM

        Ummm.... really?

        Make toast. Butter (or not). Sprinkle with cinnamon.

        1. re: Caviar

          No. Slice good bread. Butter. Cover generously with a combination of 1 TBSP of sugar with 1-2 tsp. of cinnamon. Place in toaster oven until it starts to bubble. Remove. Cool. Eat. Repeat.

          I agree, cinnamon is also really good on barbeque! I love it on chicken and ribs.


          1. re: Liz

            Oh, see... now you're talking cinammon __sugar__ toast. Fancy.

            1. re: Liz

              My mom used to just stir the sugar and cinnamon into the butter for us to smear on the bread - all the way to the edges of the toast.

              1. re: Liz

                I used to add walnuts to this when my family had a toaster oven 15 years ago or so. I had totally forgotten that, actually. How did I come up with that? And now that I'm back "on" walnuts, how long till I get a toaster oven or try it in the oven?

            2. re: SAM

              I concurr w/ kcgirl... stir cinnamon in to sugar.. then sprinkle on generously buttered toast. I personally like to use sour dough for this. but I usually buy wheat bread for day to day.

              Have fun with your cinnamon.

              1. re: megan

                My post reported that the cinnamon and sugar was then mixed in with the butter, not simply sprinkled on top. Then, spread on top as a butter schmeer.


          2. Cinnamon, salt, pepper, cumin, and dried cilantro or ground coriander are good as seasoning for roasted or stewed lamb.

            1. Mix it with good Greek yogurt (Total brand or similar) and toss with diced apples. A great breakfast, and no sugar needed.

              Also, I always use a lot of cinnamon in this recipe - one of my alltime favorites for a fancy breakfast or brunch. It's something between a puffy pancake and a baked custard, with apples. Excellent.

              Link: http://www.saveur.com/article.jsp?ID=...

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              1. re: Sir Gawain

                I think innamn needs to be gently heated in a liquid to really bring out it's flavor, rather han using it raw. Try sauteeing the apples in a little butter with the spice.

                1. re: Kitchenette

                  In theory I would... but never have time in the morning, at least on weekdays.

                  But I have very good results (to put it pompously) with very finely ground Vietnamese cinnamon and good Greek yogurt. Really, it works.

              2. NOTHING fancy - but I sprinkle it into my coffee and onto cottage cheese and blueberries


                1. Make ice cream!