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Apr 8, 2005 11:18 AM

cooked spinach leaves film on teeth?

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I have this problem, please let me know of any remedies or alternate cooking methods.
I love steamed/sauteed baby spinach, but it leaves this kind of coating/film on my teeth. I often experience this with dried cranberries as well.
I cook the baby spinach in a tablespoon of water, then add chopped garlic and EVOO, s&p. Great tasting, but then comes the film! Brushing my teeth helps, but this is just odd. Is there anything I can add to the cooking process--an acid like lemon juice or vinegar?


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  1. I've noticed this feeling too and haven't come up with a solution. Since my husband hates that feeling, we don't cook spinach very often. What I do instead is use another green like kale (it takes a wee bit longer to cook) or chard in place of the spinach. Similar flavors but without that weirdo teeth film feel.

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      My mother always said that this was the iron in the spinach. I do get the effect but only when I eat a LARGE portion of spinach. Not sure what else one can do to minimize the effect.

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        Oops, I forgot to mention is WAS a large portion. Like, a whole bag. (I was attempting to go heavy on the veg!). yeah, this rarely happens with a small portion.

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            That site! It's brilliant! Thanks.

    2. Have you considered alternative leafy greens that are similar to spinach? I don't get the tooth problem with tatsoi or lamb's quarters ...


      1. The most common, and easy solution, is to blanch the spinach first. Bring a pot of water to a boil, drop the spinach in for 30 seconds, then remove. You can shock it w/cold water and save it for use later. This removes some of the oxylate. Then, cook as normal and see if you get the same filmy feeling.