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Apr 8, 2005 03:39 AM

Can I make my own cashew butter?

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I'd like to have a go.. is it as simple as whizzing up cashews in a food processor at very high speed? What type of cashews to use, roasted or raw?

I haven't a clue so would be grateful of any advice as trial and error with this one could be costly!

Thank you,

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  1. very easy....Alton Brown has done this and i followed his methodbut used flaxseed oil). If you go to, and find the transcript for the Nuts episode, it will be in there.

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      Bride of the Juggler

      We do it all the time, using unsalted roasted cashew peices from Trader Joes, and adding a tiny bit of vegetable oil to help it emulsify. Enjoy! Thank you.

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        This method is excellent. The trick to making a non-oily butter is to just use the tiniest amount of oil, like a teaspoon and just be patient. It takes quite a while for it to happen. The butter forms at the bottom of the bowl and slowly moves upward until it is all butter. It firms up in the fridge too. This works with all nuts. Almond Butter is a staple in our house.