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Apr 6, 2005 03:47 PM

Asian Fusion Appetizers

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For my next dinner party I promised my girls Lychee Martinis. In thinking about what to serve with them, I came up with an idea of an Asian Fusion cocktail hour. I'd like to serve little finger food with an Asian Bent. So far I have ideas like a Ahi Ceviche, Goat Cheese based Egg Rolls, Tofu Stuffed Mushrooms... But would love to hear any of your ideas or recipes if you have them!



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  1. Your goat cheese egg rolls make me think of crab rangoons. Could be interesting. How about stuffed and pan fried baby squid, use a pastry bag with a large tip, it makes the stuffing go very quickly, and another delicious appetizer we like is shrimp on sugar cane. It is a paste of shrimp that gets wrapped onto spears of sugar cane and then gets grilled and served with a fish sauced based dipping sauce. The sugar cane spears give the shrimp a wonderful flavor. I usually buy canned sugar cane spears. The recipes can be found in Corinne Trang's Authentic Vietnamese Cooking.

    1. One of my guests' favorites is crispy Peking duck won tons -- shredded duck confit mixed with hoisin, garnished with scallions, and mounded on fried wonton skins. Inspired by an appetizer we had at the Dragonfly in Puerto Rico - easy and delicious. Also a bowl of edamame sprinkled with sea salt and black/white sesame seeds. Though sooo simple, every time I have these at a party, they disappear.

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        Directions for wonton nests from the La Casa Cooks Again cookbook (a byproduct of Deborah Fabricante's presentation).

        1 pkg wonton or gyoza skins
        4 oz melted butter
        Special Equipment:
        miniature miffin tin, lightly buttered.

        1. Cut wonton skins into rounds larger than the muffin tin compartments (so that when they are molded to the tin, they form a bowl with sides)
        2. Brush wonton skins with butter and place in tins
        3. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes or until golden.
        4. Fill with your favorite filling and serve.

        Makes 24 nests

        Some fast filling ideas:
        *sundried tomatoes, pinenuts and parsely
        *Chinese chicken salad
        *ratatouille and Parmesan cheese
        *sliced rare roast beef with wasabi mayonnaise
        *dices asparagus with tomato-tarragon flavored mayonnaise
        *wok-seared white scallops with tarragon mustard flavored with sesame oil

        *lemon icing with pistachios and pommegranite seeds
        *Brie or Cheshire cheddar cheese piece topped with diced Asian pear lightly sauteed in butter and brown sugar and clove.

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          Rubee - I'm betting you were my inspiration for these...

          Hoisin Chicken Wontons with Wasabi Slaw

          Source of Recipe
          My version of an idea mentioned on a message board

          This sounds like a lot of work, but it is very easy and so impressive. All of this can be made ahead and then assembled at the last minute. The slaw and the chicken amounts will be a bit imprecise - it is really "to taste".

          1/4 pkg. wonton wrappers, cut in half diagonally
          oil for frying
          6 chicken thighs
          1 can chicken broth
          2 T. soy sauce
          hoisin sauce
          rice wine vinegar
          1 pkg. angel hair slaw mix (if you can't get this, just slice cabbage into paper thin slices)
          1/2 c. sour cream
          1 - 2 t. wasabi
          rice wine vinegar
          sliced green onions
          toasted sesame seeds

          BASE: Pour about 1" oil into frying pan. Heat to medium. Fry wonton skins a few at a time, turning once. Drain.
          FILLING: Braise chicken thighs in oven at 300 degrees with broth and soy sauce until tender. Cool slightly and shred. Mix in hoisin sauce starting with 2 - 3 T. adding more, to taste. Thin with a few splashes of vinegar.
          SLAW: In a large bowl, mix sour cream and wasabi. Add rice wine vinegar to taste. Toss with cabbage and chill.
          When ready to serve reheat chicken. Put a spoonful of chicken on each wonton wrapper. Top with slaw and garnish with a bit of green onion and sesame seed.

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            Oh those sound good! Great -- now I have to steal Dommy's ideas and have the girls over.... :)

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            Add a tiny bit of rice vinegar to the edmame and gives it a nice flavor (along with the salt and seeds).

          3. Oooh, sounds like my kind of party! I like your initial ideas...

            A couple more ideas:

            Asian-spiced mixed nuts using one or a combo of these spices: curry powder, five spice, cardamom, cumin; balance spices w/ brown sugar and toast in oven

            Cucumber slices topped w/ wasabi creme fraiche (or cream cheese), smoked salmon, and chive

            1. You could search the web for a recipe for manchurian chicken and serve the pieces on a fancy toothpick. Its spicy, but one of my favourite things to eat.

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                Professor Salt

                How about making up some skewers and having everyone grill their own food? I'm thinking of Japanese kushiyaki here:

                bacon wrapped asparagus or enoki mushrooms
                shiitake mushrooms, grilled, then smeared w/ miso
                duck breast, glazed w/ miso (or apricot, or whatever you like)
                chicken thigh cubes smeared w/ umeboshi paste & wrapped in shiso leaf
                filet of beef, simply grilled w/ sea salt
                chicken wings, marinated in cha shu style w/ a kick of dry habanero.

                You can come up with others, I'm sure. The thing is you'll need a grill box big enough to accomodate all your guests (or appoint a chef).