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Apr 6, 2005 08:26 AM

rolled cookie recipe?

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Can anyone direct me to or paraphrase a cookie recipe that works with cutters? The kids got some nifty dinosaur ones that they're itching to try.

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    The rolled cookie recipe in the Joy of Cooking is simple, and it works. My kids have done it many times, most recently with shamrock-shape cutters for St. Patrick's Day.

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      Hi - Joy of Cooking's recipe is my favorite, too, but, I make sure to use the "Rich Roll Cookies" recipe, not the plain old roll cookies. Much better, I think.

      1. re: JennBenn

        I second the recommendation for Roll Cookies from the Joy--I like these better than Rich Roll Cookies. The dough in the former recipe handles really well, something that might be useful if kids will be helping with the cooking. The cookies keep well too. I use this recipe (with a bit of extra vanilla) for my Christmas cookies and always get many compliments along the lines of "I never knew these sorts of cookies could actually taste good!"

    2. Land-o-Lakes has a great one--tasty with great edges.

      1. I just tried one from Cook's Illus called "Glazed Butter Cookies". I don't recommend this. Not a good flavor at all. Are there any other good-tasting cookie dough recipes out there? for cut-out cookies please.

        1. I use either a standard sugar cookie dough, or a sour cream dough that has been passed down from my great grandmothers bakery.