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Apr 5, 2005 12:42 PM


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My husband wants to make the kind of plantains you get at the brazilian BBQ or with Caribbean food, but try as we might, they never seem to break down and get soft and gooey.
What are we doing wrong?
Is it the length of cooking time? How we cook them?
What is the secret to soft gooey plantains?

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  1. k
    King of Northern Blvd

    Are you cooking ripe ones or green ones? Tostones or maduros? They both have different cooking techniques...

    1. Wait until they get really black with almost no yellow (that means they would be really ripe and sweet and sugary. When you peel it at this time it should almost be gooey but it still should be firm and be sliced easily. Slice it and fry it in a well oiled cast iron pan(or any pan you like). Let it truly carmelize but not burn. YUM!

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        Yes, the trick is to wait until they are really really black. I know it sounds scary, but trust us, it will be worth it.

        Here's more on plantains. A good resource:


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          Unless you are trying to make tostones... in which case, you use the green/yellow plaintains and need to deep fry them, then smoosh them and pan fry them.