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Apr 3, 2005 11:22 AM

cocoa brownie thanks

  • b

Mar a, THANKS for the Cocoa Brownie recipie from epicurious. I made them last night and they are the best brownies I have ever made. They really do highlight the good cocoa. I used some of my few pecans from this year.

They are intensely dark and the top crust is chewey - not pretend storebox chewy, real chewy, and the insides moist and soft. This morning they are truly fudgy. With Braum's vanilla custard last night they were great.

below is a link to the cocoa


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  1. You're welcome! I'm glad you liked them. And they're so easy too... Now I'm thinking of making these brownies today.

    1. Interesting... I see these cocoa brownies are from my baking idol, Alice Medrich. She also has a fabulous recipe for melted-chocolate brownies (also calling for 1/2 c. flour). I wonder if good results could be had by combining the recipes, for a brownie with the intensity of cocoa and the chocolateness of chocolate?

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        I tried those cocoa brownies. Not all that. Too much like cake. I also tried Rose Beranbaum's cocoa brownies. Too much like cake. Brownies are meant to be made with chocolate.

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          ChowFun (derek)

          Some recipes liken "Fudgy" to "Chewy"....I do not!
          I am looking for a Brownie recipe (I don't care whether it is made with cocoa, chocolate, or a combo of the two) I want it VERY chewy!!!
          Can anyone help me out here?

          1. re: ChowFun (derek)

            AMEN! Fudgy DOES NOT EQUAL chewy.

            I'm working on perfecting a chewy brownie recipe (it's still very much in the development stage, sorry to report. I don't have the time or the pounds to dedicate a lot of work to this). Will let you know if I get something good going.

            In the meanwhile, I would also love to get a good chewy brownie recipe. I think somebody linked to a food and wine recipe recently. I looked it over and didn't think it would cut the mustard (IIRC, it included chemical leavener, which I don't think will help the chewy brownie cause.)

            In the fudgy vs. cakey debate, the chewy gets left by the side of the road, an ugly step-sister who is really cinderella!

            1. re: ChowFun (derek)

              Have you tried the joy of cooking brownies? They're chewy.

              1. re: b

                Any chance you would be willing to paraphrase, or at least let us know exactly which edition of Joy you're referring to? I would be willing to go pull it from library if I knew i was getting the right edition.



                  1. re: b

                    Thanks, b! I'll give it a try and when I (finally) get around to it, I'll post my impressions!