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Cooking with the tea?

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I have a bunch of tea bags, mainly green and white, I wanted to use quickly. What can I cook using tea? Rice? Chicken? Suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm interested in recipes with tea because when I was in Taiwan I went to a restaurant and everything there were cooked with tea and they're so delicius...

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      Hi, like Taiwanese tea eggs? Hard boil some eggs, then gently crack the shells (but don't peel). Lower eggs a pot of water, brewed tea, soy sauce and star anise. Simmer for a couple of hours. The eggs will have absorbed the flavors and color nicely.

      Also, Apt Therapy has a recipe for cookies made with tea:

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        Hi Rubymydear, these cookies looks amazing! I'm going to start with them! Thanks!

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          Hi Rubymydear, this weekend I was making some cookies, these ones as well, and they are so tasteful... yum yum

    2. There's a method of cooking called tea-smoking but it usually involves black tea that I've seen recipes for...anyone know if you can use green tea leaves for this method?

      1. I did a recipe search for "tea" on epicurious and came up with quite a few . . .


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          Hi Kittyfood, I didn't know this epicurios webpage, I'll take a look! thanks.

        2. You could make a batch of tea, jasmine would be good, and use it in place of water to make rice.
          Or you could make a batch of iced tea with it.
          You could poach chicken with it. I think anything cooked in water that is slightly delicate tasting could be used with the tea water.

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              Thanks Piccola, I will take a look to this webpage! hummm so many recipes!

            2. If you have green tea you can make a mix with the tea, crushed nuts that pulverize well (eg: pistachios, peanuts, or walnuts) and the tea, and add some seasonings of your choice, maybe even some sesame seeds. Brush fish fillets with egg white and roll in your mix to coat, then bake. Works well with salmon; also halibut or mackerel or any meatier fish.

              1. Tea Sorbet is delicious. Especially good made with Earl Gret or other highly perfumed tea.

                1. Tea Ice cream is great! I made chocolate custard ice cream with with milk steeping in tea once and it was delicious. My husband loves green tea ice cream.

                  1. There's always lapsang-souchong marinated portobello mushroom...

                    1. Last night I made black 'forbidden' rice using brewed jasmine tea instead of water. The flavor was very delicate and went well with the chewier texture of the short grained black rice.

                      I have seen recipes using brewed earl grey as the liquid for quick breads to serve with tea. And I also remember seeing a recipe where they used powdered green tea in half the batter and did a 'swirl' bread.


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                        Do you use Earl Grey in bags as well? or only in leafs?

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                          The recipe I saw used brewed earl grey tea, not the leaves themselves. You could brew it from loose leaves or bags, of course.

                      2. I've seen suggestions here that throwing a mint or other flavored herbal teabag into whatever you're simmering adds a lot of flavor, then you just remove it at the end.

                        1. We used Lapsang Souchong tea as part of a rub for a pork loin roast. Delicious smoky flavour.

                          1. Aside from Taiwanese tea eggs and tea cookies, I looove to make this recipe for Duck Breast with Orange, Honey, and Tea: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec.... I use Earl Grey with Bergamot for a really rich, fragrant flavor.

                            Also, for nice light dish, I make Japanese chazuke (white rice with tea and salmon): http://recipes.chef2chef.net/recipe-a...

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                              These two receipes look really good! I will try them! yum yum

                            2. There's also a Japanese dish called ochazuke, typically made with green tea. The hot tea is poured over leftover rice, and sometimes, shreddeded nori (the flat square kind of seaweed used for sushi) or a touch of wasabi (J. horseradish) or umeboshi (J. pickled plums) are mixed in. I believe it's mostly a midnight snack sort of thing.

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                                Louise: I will look for that recipe and I will try it.