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Apr 2, 2005 01:05 PM

What do you do with dulce de leche?

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The thread below about banoffee pie got me thinking- what are some good uses for dulce de leche? A few come to mind (spread for biscuits/toast, dip for fruit, pour it over ice cream) but I don't know many recipes that call for it. Any ideas?


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  1. Usually I've seen it just over ice cream, cake or fruit. But I have made one recipe that's basically just making little biscuity cookies and sandwiching dulce de leche between them, and dipping them into confectioners' sugar. These are very popular cookies in South America (by different names, often "Alfajores"). You can really use any not-too-sweet biscuit cookie recipe for that part, as the recipe varies all over the place.

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      cashew cookies rock with the flavor of dulce de leche.

    2. It is really good as a topping on grilled pineapple wedges.

      1. Aside from my personal favorite accompaniements, pretzel sticks, or a spoon, it's good heated slightly for spredability and layered in a trifle with vanilla or banana pudding, white cake, and tropical fruits.

        1. I think I recall making a German Chocolate Cake with the same method of immersing the milk etc. You could do the same, add pecans and coconut and maybe a bit of confectioners sugar if too thin, spread on chocolate cake?? Also, sandwiched between chocolate wafer style cookies, even drizzled on a spice cake!

          1. filling for rolled crepes...desert in some South American countries

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              oops...dessert, not desert