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Apr 1, 2005 03:50 PM

Zuni Cafe Gnocchi Recipe?

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Has anyone had experience with the Zuni Cafe Cookbook recipe for gnocchi? I thought I might try it this rainy New York weekend.

This is my first try at gnocchi so any tips or sauce suggestions would be appreciated. I also have Marcella Hazan's book if that would be a better versions.


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  1. Marcella Hazan recipe for gnocchi is great. You do not need to look any further.

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    1. re: summertime

      What type of potato do you use for Marcella's recipe?

      1. re: georgeb

        Don't know about Marcella, but my Italian FIL will use nothing but Yukon Golds. His are incredible light fluffy pillows.

        1. re: PolarBear

          Georgeb, any chance of getting his recipe?

      2. re: summertime

        I buy them at the local farmer's market - ask for old "new" potatoes of the "floury" variety (I forgot the name, but they will know what you mean).

        Baking potatoes are too dry and new potatoes are too moist.

        Marcella's recipe does not use eggs.

      3. Awhile back someone posted a recipe for gnocchi to this board. His name is Serge, so you could do a search and see his wife's recipe. It's really simple (3 ingredients), and worked like a charm my first time. I'd try it once before serving it to company, though. My first try was fine, but it was splendid after some practice.

        1. I've made gnocchi many times. Idaho potatoes are best. Boil til tender, then put through a ricer. This really makes them lighter. Add just enough flour to bind with egg (of course, you'll be using a recipe). Knead a bit into a ball and then cut into small portions. Roll out staring at the middle til you have a long snake like length. cut into portions and either do the fork tine thing or use a gnocchi paddle, which I bought in an Italian Deli and is much easier. Before you boil them for eating, do a test run. In a small pan bring water to a gentle boil and add to see if they float, then you;ll know you're in business. I like to serve them with a sundried tomato pesto. Good luck.

          1. Many years ago I took a cooking class taught by Marcella Hazan - I seem to remember that a russet or baking type potato was the one used... The gnocchi almost floated up off the serving platter.

            1. Zuni Cafe makes ricotta gnocchi, not potatoe based gnocchi. They are wonderful at the restaurant but I have never tried the recipe.