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Apr 1, 2005 02:42 PM

Gourmet Mag Gnocchi Souffle

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I made this recipe for Easter, and would like to hear from anyone else who did. After chilling the batter, I wasn't able to cut out individual rounds with the oiled cookie cutter because the batter was too oozy. I wound up putting the whole recipe in a baking pan and swirling round shapes on top which I then emphasized with butter and cheese so that it gave the "appearance" of individual gnocchi, but had to be served in slices. The flavor was excellent. Any comments?

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  1. haven't attempted gnocchi before... so can't offer much assistance.. but I did admire your attitude and clever adaptation to a semi-flopped recipe.


    1. I had the same result. I put it in the freezer just long enough to be able to cut it into squares (abandoned the cookie cutter idea). It did have an excellent flavor, but the consistency was way too soft.

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        Thanks for the feedback!