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Frozen Cooked Shrimp?

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Can someone tell me what I can do with the bag of frozen cooked shrimp I have, besides using it for shrimp cocktail. Can I use these shrimp for a quick shrimp scampi, or a baked stuffed shrimp. Looking for suggestions.....thank you.

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  1. I would not use the frozen shrimp in a scampi or stuffed shrimp recipe. The texture will not be great if used this way. If you do not want to use as shrimp cocktail, how about using in a salad?

    1. I've used them to make a quick quasi-Newberg of sorts, in a sherried cream sauce (with egg yolk added). It was a lot better than it probably sounds.
      I don't think they would work well for stir-frying.
      How about a shrimp salad?

      1. I have had frozen shrimp twice this week for dinner.
        First night, we marinated it in olive oil, taragon, white wine, and garlic for about an hour. Then skewered and grilled. Very delish. Second night, we made a spicy tomato sauce and then simmered the shrimp in it until they were cooked. All in all, took about 45 minutes. We ate it just as shrimp and sauce but garlic bread would be an excellent addition.

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          He's asking about frozen cooked shrimp.

        2. I'm planning a jambalaya with mine.

          1. Try Shrimp de Jonghe (a classic Chicago dish using cooked shrimp, sherry and garlic) - it's what I make when I have leftover cocktail shrimp. The recipe I use is ripped out from a restaurant article about Chicago,which I can't find right now, but they're a lot of variatons in the Internet. Link to one from Epi:

            Link: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

            1. I wouldn't use them for shrimp cocktail, to me they get watery and less firm when defrosted. I prefer my shrimp cocktail to be more firm.

              I would however use it rough chopped for some sort of hot dip.

              1. I use them chopped up in the filling for egg rolls. I actually prefer to use the cooked ones, it saves a step and doesn't affect the result.

                1. any method that involves too much cooking will make them rubbery and overdone. An easy and very good way to reheat cook shrimp is in a hot pan with good butter and prepared red curry. mmm! and easy.

                  1. I stir mine into risotto that is a minute or so from being ready to serve -- just long enough to warm them through.

                    1. I follow a good basic recipe for a chowder and at the very end, add large chunks of coarsely chopped cooked shrimp, heat thoroughly and serve immediately. Delicious.

                      1. Combine your shrimp, chopped or not with one can diced artichokes, chopped red onion, parsley, lemon juice, a little mayo and chill. Serve on a bed of mixed greens.Go light on the mayo 1 or 2 tablespoons because even though the art hearts are drained there will be moisture from them and the shrimp.

                        1. I agree with one of the posters below about the texture not being good for scampi, etc.
                          I have used them in ettouffee and they work pretty well.

                          1. Paula Deen has a shrimp and rice croquette that is to die for and precooked shrimp would be perfect for it.

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                              I can't seem to find that Paula Deen recipe online. Do you happen to have the recipe, or can you direct me to where to find it without buying one of her cookbooks?

                              I've been using frozen, cooked shrimp in my fried rice (added at the very end, just to warm--defrosted, of course), but would like to try something else incorporating rice.

                            2. Use them in Vietnamese rice paper rolls, the uncooked version. I wouldn't cook the shrimp any more, so use them in that or a salad.

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                                I second the rice paper rolls! Although a little research is required for someone who is not familiar with them. It is worth it.

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                                  that's the first thought that came to my mind!

                                2. I used some tonight, with creamed spinach, as filling for savory crepes. Just defrost the shrimp, remove tails and dice, mix into warm creamed spinach, fill crepes, top with shredded cheese, roll crepes, and serve.

                                  1. I use them a lot but agree with previous posters that the texture is not great for dishes like scampi. I add them to a risotto or stir fry or something like that just before it's done so they heat through (I semi-thaw them and pat them dry first); this is enough to firm them up without making them rubbery..

                                    1. The Shrimp de Jonghe was great; just cut down the oven time by 1/3 and do last 5 min. on broil to avoid over cooking the thawed cooked shrimp.

                                      1. I'm not a fan of doing anything that requires heat with already cooked shrimp but I do use them for shrimp salads like skagen rora.