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Apr 1, 2005 10:11 AM

Frozen Cooked Shrimp?

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Can someone tell me what I can do with the bag of frozen cooked shrimp I have, besides using it for shrimp cocktail. Can I use these shrimp for a quick shrimp scampi, or a baked stuffed shrimp. Looking for suggestions.....thank you.

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  1. I would not use the frozen shrimp in a scampi or stuffed shrimp recipe. The texture will not be great if used this way. If you do not want to use as shrimp cocktail, how about using in a salad?

    1. I've used them to make a quick quasi-Newberg of sorts, in a sherried cream sauce (with egg yolk added). It was a lot better than it probably sounds.
      I don't think they would work well for stir-frying.
      How about a shrimp salad?

      1. I have had frozen shrimp twice this week for dinner.
        First night, we marinated it in olive oil, taragon, white wine, and garlic for about an hour. Then skewered and grilled. Very delish. Second night, we made a spicy tomato sauce and then simmered the shrimp in it until they were cooked. All in all, took about 45 minutes. We ate it just as shrimp and sauce but garlic bread would be an excellent addition.

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          He's asking about frozen cooked shrimp.

        2. I'm planning a jambalaya with mine.

          1. Try Shrimp de Jonghe (a classic Chicago dish using cooked shrimp, sherry and garlic) - it's what I make when I have leftover cocktail shrimp. The recipe I use is ripped out from a restaurant article about Chicago,which I can't find right now, but they're a lot of variatons in the Internet. Link to one from Epi: