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Mar 30, 2005 04:55 PM

What should I have with...

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my grilled lettuce and cherry tomato salad (it is tossed in a balsamic/champagne mustard vinaigrette).

I am talking about meat stuff. I have skinless boneless as well as skin on bone in should I do it to complement the above?

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  1. Grilled Lettuce? Love to have that recipe!

    I'd keep the chicken plain-ish...olive oil, garlic, basil type thing. Either bone in or out...your choice :-)

    1. a contrasting texture would be nice...something crispy and crackly. you could do a modification of pollo al mattone (chicken under a brick). seriously. go with skin on, marinade for a half an hour or so in lemon juice/evoo, garlic, salt and pepper, and an herb. Then heat up some olive oil, add a clove of crushed garlic, and start searing it skin side down. Put a weight on it (a foil wrapped brick, another heavy pan, or a pan with a weight in it--canned goods work well for me) and sear for about 5 minutes. Turn it over and cook until done. Crispy. So damn good.

      could i get the recipe for the salad?

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        Thanks Guys.

        When I turn over the chicken should I put the brick back on top of the chicken? Should I transfer it to the oven after?

        For the grilled lettuce recipe, it has become my go to. it is sooooo good. I got the inspiration from Giada DeLaurentis on the food network, she has done two recipes of this salad, one with only lettuce and one with lettuce, radicchio and endives. To kick it up a notch, I use a vinaigrette with balsamic or sherry vinegar, shallots(garlic really overpowers the smokiness of the lettuce, imo), chanpagne mustard, sometimes a bit of breme fraiche(not necessary), evoo, salt and pepper(sometimes when my palate needs more tang, I will add a tip of freshly squeezed lime juice or sherry vinegar). I usually slice sweet cherry tomatoes in half and marinate in some of the dressing separately while I prepare the lettuce, then compose the salad on the plate. I also toast some pinenuts and sprinkly over the salad as well as some parmeggiano reg. curls. When I dont use the pinenuts or the cheese I add avocado that has been tossed with lemon juice/lemon oil and fleur de sel.

        I guess you can do whatever you like. I have seen one Greek variation on this recipe that has grilled/roasted orange bell beppers(in addition to the lettuce and cherry tomatoes), lemon/mustard vinaigrette and feta cheese.

        Giada uses a grill pan to grill. I use the broiler to avoid washing a cast iron pan. I also find that you have to apply salt and pepper liberally( along with a drizzle of oil) before broil/grill-ing and maybe while tossing with the vinaigrette too.

        1. re: Taye

          man, that sounds good. cheers for the recipe. i'm definitely going to try it.

          as for the chicken, yes, put the brick back on and continue to cook on the stovetop. the only caution is drying out the breast, so higher heat, quick cooking time, with crunchy skin & meat.

          1. re: wasabi

            Thanks...but wasabi, do I put it in the oven to finish cooking and should I use bone in?

            BTW, that lettuce salad along with the usual greens(spinach, arugula)/blue cheese/apple/red onion/walnut salad is my FALL-back; for summertime, I use plain lettuce with mango or strawberry vinaigrette - so yummy!

            1. re: Taye

              hey Taye, i usually just finish it all on the stovestop (in italy, the whole thing ws done over a fire or in a wood oven). you could certainly finish it off in the oven (400 degrees), but i'm slightly OCD and I like seeing the recipe through (i open and close the oven door so much, it's no wonder i suck at baking). i'm not sure if you're using a whole chicken or just pieces. either way, you'll be okay. the quick marinade and the "mattone" method keeps the meat remarkably moist. let me know how you like it!
              buon appetito :)

              1. re: Taye

                and yes, bone-in is perfect.