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Mar 30, 2005 02:09 PM

Mario's Pasticcio

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Has anyone tried making Mario Batali's Pasticcio recipe? I found it on the Food Network's website. Good grief! That's one labor intensive dish! You have to make a pie crust dough, pasta dough, ravioli filling, a ragu sauce, meatballs and a brown chicken stock. You'd probably have to spend a lot of time not only cooking, but cleaning numerous pots and pans.

So if anyone has tried this recipe, I would really appreciate your comments.



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  1. OH my GOD...! That's the dish from "The Big Night"!

    Well, damn close to it. I think I need to print this out, then sit down with it while I'm watching that part of the movie again, and take some notes. The biggest difference, near as I can recall, is that "Primo" used pasta dough instead of pie pastry.

    Watch this space...