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Mar 30, 2005 12:37 PM

Remarkably Effective Salad with Couscous

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I noticed one night when I was eating salad on my main dinner plate alongside a serving of couscous, that when eaten together, there is an interesting textural combination between the lettuce and the couscous. Since then, I've made several times for guests a tossed romaine heart (crunchy) salad and added a cup of couscous, onion and feta. Ususally with a homemade lemon vinegrette (sometimes with a little mustard).

Even though I made racks of lamb, roasted root vegetables, and other time-consuming dishes, they have most often commented on this salad. The couscous (I use Near East with pistacios and sun-dried tomatoes) must be cooled before adding to the salad. Toss the salad, the dressing, and the couscous along with very good goat feta and small slivers of onion, and you can't go wrong.

I'm not the first that has done this, I'm sure, but it does keep getting remarkably good reviews - and it even upsets me a bit when I've spent much more time on, say, $50 worth of lamb!

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  1. yes, couscous salads are DELICIOUS--the texture is quite enjoyable. one of my favorites i actually got from a friend's Delia Smith book...
    it's essentially a layered salad formed in a large glass bowl (glass only for effect, really). Couscous on the bottom, harissa coated meat above, with a final layer of greens, undressed. You toss it together and the harissa meat seeps into the couscous while dressing the greens. Adding a bit of goat cheese brightens it up a bit. I tried it with lamb once too, and yes, it rocked.

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      Hmmm - maybe I'll try a version with my leftover Easter lamb....