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Mar 29, 2005 06:00 PM

Half carton of buttermilk...

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hi all,

need ideas for something yummy...

what else could i make with a half-carton of buttermilk other than irish soda bread, cornbread, or fried chicken?

thanks in advance!

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  1. Buttermilk biscuits!

    The Joy of Cooking's 'basic rolled biscuits' recipe, buttermilk variation, produces fabulous results every time.

    Mmmmm... hot biscuits.

    Other thoughts -

    -- Pancakes or waffle batter made with buttermilk = extra tasty

    -- Use buttermilk instead of milk or cream when making mashed/creamed potatoes

    - er


    1. and if you've got any leftover...add a little buttermilk to some heavy cream and let it sit out for a couple of days for some creme fraiche.

      1. Banana cake or muffins... I made this into muffins this weekend and the BF loved them.


        1. Pancakes.