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Best bloody mary recipe?

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I'm sensing a trend on the board today...Anyway, want to have bloody marys for an upcoming brunch and am looking for your best recipes/tips for a nice spicy cocktail.

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  1. I've never made these in bulk, only as individual drinks, but here is my bloody mary recipe that has been well-received whenever I've served it:

    Throw a handful of ice cubes in an "old-fashioned'" glass. Add two shots of vodka (premium brand isn't necessary as you'll be obliterating the taste -- I use Smirnoff). Fill the rest of the glass with tomato juice; for this I try to use a good brand -- I particularly like Knudsen's.

    Add a twist of fresh-ground black pepper, a pinch of cayenne powder, a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce, and three good shakes of celery salt. Give it a really good stir, and add a lemon wedge to which you've given a gentle squeeze to release a little juice.

    Hmm, wish I had one now.

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      I would add hot sauce and some prepared horseradish.

    2. I can't give you quantities, because I wing it every time. For my mix, I use V8 juice, then add tabasco sauce, prepared horseradish, salt & pepper and freshly squeezed lime juice. Add vodka to taste. I've always thought it was delicious & had my suspicions confirmed when I made Bloodies for a brunch at which several accomplished chefs were in attendance. Two of them told me it was the best Bloody Mary they'd ever had – and this was before they'd had 3 or 4 ;^}.

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        ditto. i'll also add worcestershire, and the one thing that makes them really kick-ass is using spicy pickled green beans as garnish. you'll never go back to celery!

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          I was so inspired by this thread that I bought provisions and made Bloodies last night. While making them, I remembered – yes, DUH – the Worcesterchestershire sauce. Also, the fresh bottle of Tabasco I bought came with a small sample of Chipotle Tabasco – not enough to impact an entire 1/2 gallon of mix, but it would, of course, be the perfect addition.

          I had a small glass of the mix (virgin) with breakfast this morning. Hoo-eee, what a start to the day (I make 'em mighty spicy).

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            Endorse all you say. Substituting Balsamic for the lime juice is an interesting variation. If you like it REALLY spicy, as you say, try also adding some top quality sriracha to the mix! I have a glass of virgin every day at 10am, so have done quite a bit of mixing and matching. Cheers.

      2. I don't have a recipe, but i found a great mix, this weekend. Everyone agreed that it was the best and spiciest bloody mary they'd ever had. The company makes it is called Pain is Good.

        Link: http://www.painisgood.com

        1. My secret ............ to any of the recipes you decide to try just add the appropriate proportion of (shhhh) Roses Lime Juice. It mellows it to perfection.

          1. k
            King of Northern Blvd

            Some things I have used with the basic recipe posted below are a couple of green olives with some juice, a teaspoon or so of prepared mustard or have even had them made with Clamato which is interesting....

            1. No proportions. I just keep tasting until it is balanced.

              Clamato (which makes it a bloody caesar instead of a bloody mary), worcestershire, cayenne and/or bottled hot sauce of choice, prepared horseradish, lemon juice and lime juice, a touch of lemon and lime zest if you're feeling energetic,and my heretofore secret ingredient, which is nuoc mam. Soy sauce works as a substitute. Garnish with green olives stuffed with anchovies or hot peppers if you like them.

              My mother uses clamato and saurkraut juice for her tart ingredient, which is surprisingly good. Garnish with a pickle slice.

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                I use Clamato as well, but my secret ingredient is pepper-infused vodka. We make our own, taking a large jar filled with a variety of chilis (ranging from green bells to habaneros), fill with Stoli's, and let it sit for about two weeks (or to desired heat). We let ours go until it's good and hot. Add the Clamato, a dash of worchestershire and a squeeze of lime and you have Bloody heaven.

              2. A trick I learned a long time ago, and you have to plan ahead to do this, is to let the tomato juice sit in the pantry undisturbed for a couple of months or so. Then open without shaking and pour off the water. You will have thick juice that will stand up to ice and gin (no vodka for me). Then I add, Tabasco, horseradish, a squeeze of lemon, celery salt adds a nice flavor, a dash of Worcestershire and a grinding of black pepper. Stir with the vegetable of your choice and enjoy. When I don't have the tomato juice resting and on hand I like V8

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                  Spicy V8 is really excellent, you don't have to add too much else. Although I like a lot of worcestshire,

                2. We use clamato as well. That and (believe it or not) gin. And horseradish, freshly squeezed lemon; dashes of granulated garlic, celery seed, fresh ground pepper, hot sauce of your liking. I like the lack of worstershire in this recipe. I dn't care for olives so we use celery. The spicy green bean thing sounds wonderful. And someone on this board at one time talked about wasabi for the heat - that sounded really good.

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                    This is a very good recipe for a Bloody Mary, but the best addition to any BM is a dill pickle. I know it sounds weird, but if you like pickles there is nothing better. It adds a great taste and when the pickle soaks up the juice of the BM it is delicious.

                  2. Another Clamato juice vote here from Maryland, with Worcestershire, horseradish, salt, pepper, celery seed, hot sauce, fresh lemon juice and I rim the glass with Old Bay Seasoning mixed with a little kosher salt.

                    The best bloody mary I ever had was made with the above but had bits of shrimp and crab meat in the mixture, but I have no idea how to replicate it.

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                      We used to serve 3 or 4 large cookd shrimp on a skewer with our bloody marys, haven't thought about that in a long time. And I happen to have some shrimp in the freezer.....