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Mar 29, 2005 12:30 AM

Breadman Panini Maker

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Just got one as a gift. I have some whole wheat bread in the freezer....should I defrost it on a plate on the counter before placing it on the panini maker or would it be fine right out of the freezer? Also, have any of you had luck with grilling veggies or fish in your panini makers? Just curious...thanks....oh and any to-die-for panini recipes would be greatly welcomed.

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  1. I got one as a gift for Christmas too, wasn't too pleased since I already have a George Forman grill which is basically the same thing.. I googled it and they said you could cook meat etc on it, since it's not slanted maybe the meat would come out juicier, I don't know. Haven't opened it yet actually, figure it will make a good re-gift someday. They had some interesting recipes in the booklet that came with it.