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Mar 28, 2005 02:03 PM

Passover Recipe -- Farfel Kugel/Pudding

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I'm having my first seder at my place this year for Passover. There's going to be about 15 or 16 people.

I'm pretty much set on the menu, but I've been looking for a recipe for a farfel kugel or pudding. I've found a bunch by googling, but I was hoping that someone had a recipe for a tasty dish that they've actually made. I'm looking for something more on the savory side, rather than sweet (no raisins or fruit).

Thanks for any suggestions!

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    Marion Morgenthal

    I made an asparagus and caramelized onion matzoh farfel last year that was quite good--see link below.


    1. I make one from a recipe handed down by a great-aunt. I don't have measurements, but this isn't a very complicated dish. Saute chopped onions and celery. Saute or broil chicken livers, and chop finely. Mix those with the farfel and beaten eggs. Season as desired with salt, pepper, paprika, etc. You can bake it (350°) in a greased casserole (I use schmalz for this, but oil works just as well), or bake in muffin tins for individual servings. My kids used to tell me they hated liver, so I told them the liver was mushroom (I'm a bad mom!). If you don't overdo the livers, they add a nice flavor to the kugel.

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        My m-i-l used to make a farfel "stuffing" like this. I believe she used ground veal (what can I say?), onions, and plenty of shmaltz. Delicious! (I would imagine that ground turkey or beef would work, as well)
        We never get livers with the chickens from our butcher!
        Take care, p.j.