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Mar 26, 2005 10:54 AM

chicken and kumquats

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I just found kumquats at Whole Foods and want to make something with chicken for guests. Any good recipies? Gail

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  1. I had a pork roast with kumquat sauce at a gourmet club dinner not too long ago. The pork was stuffed with 6 sliced kumquats, 5 chopped fresh sage leaves, 2 sprigs of rosemary, finely chopped, 1 carrot peeled and chopped and one celery stalk peeled and chopped, and one chopped onion. Then it was roasted on top of 6 more sliced kumquats and after roasting the the pan juices were strained and reserved and a sauce was made by slicing 7 kumquats and putting them in a skillet with 2 Tbs. butter and sprinkled with 1 Tbs. sugar. cook for a few minutes and then add 1/4 C. Grand Marnier and the juice of one orange along with the reserved pan juices. Cook until reduced by half and pour over the meat.

    This should translate pretty well to chicken, maybe roast the whole bird with the stuffing as an aromatics and then making the sauce and serving over the sliced chicken.