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Mar 25, 2005 08:40 PM

Silicone bakeware

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I purchased 2 six cup "brioche" pans in silicone. Can these be used for yorkshire puddings with success?? They are the first silicone bakeware dishes I've owned.

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  1. The things I have found about silicone bakeware is:

    (1) They need a metal support frame or cookie sheet when full of batter. Careful not to let it fall out as the flexibility doesn't support heavy batter well (though it's great when getting cooked items out)

    (2) Browning is minimal.

    I don't know that you could get the bakeware hot enough for what a Yorkshire pudding recipe calls for. It's supposed to be poured into a smokin' hot pan. But, mine (Futura) has heat resistence is 230 degrees C and 446 degrees Farenheit. Maybe you still have your paperwork with stats?

    But, I don't see why the part rising above the pan wouldn't brown for a yorkshire pudding. But, don't most recipes call for a 450 degree oven? Close, huh?

    You see I haven't yet made Yorkshire pudding in my silicone pan, so - gee, care to report back?

    (3) If it's a detailed fancy mold, the design appearance is not crisp edged and pronounced, again, because of the weight of the batter.

    1. I've never tried, but I doubt the yorkshire pudding will rise well in silicone bakeware. The eggs need to touch a very hot surface to give the best leavening effect. I don't think silicone gets hot enough.

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        also a brioche pan would be too deep for Yorkshire pudding

      2. The original comment has been removed