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Mar 25, 2005 06:40 PM

room temp okay for cream cheese butter frosting?

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Will be bringing a cake to work on Monday for a co-worker. The fridge at work is always too full. So I'm going to make a cake with cream cheese and butter frosting. It's okay for that to sit outside from morning until lunch time, yeah?

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  1. j

    The cream cheese butter frosted cakes I've made in the past have not fared well sitting outside the fridge for more than 1-2 hours. While the shape holds for the most part, the texture of the frosting turns greasy and soggy. I think it's the butter more than the cream cheese that objects to being room temperature.

    If you're putting all the work into making a homemade cake and frosting, why risk it? Maybe you can bring it in a cooler with the cake sitting on top of an ice pack. Plus, it's less likely to get pinched or have fingermarks in the frosting that way.

    1. I think it will be fine and I've done this in the past (and for more much longer than a few hours!). Cold from the fridge cream cheese-butter frosting isn't good. It must be served room temperature anyway.

      1. Slightly different frosting, but...

        I made cream cheese frosting last weekend and put it on cupcakes, and kept them it in my friend's car while we drove around Sonoma all day. By mid-afternoon when I ate a cupcake, the frosting was soft but still retaining a surprising amount of its integrity. I would assume your office is much cooler than a car, and that you'll be okay.

        Also found this link on another post, which suggests substituting some of the butter with shortening to keep it from melting.