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Mar 25, 2005 04:49 PM

Help! How can I adjust this recipe for kids/Easter Brunch

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Having family over tomorrow, actually.
Have a recipe that has potato nests w/scrambled eggs on top & a creamed spinach mixture on top of that.

Just found out my nieces don't like spinach.
I could leave off, but makes the dish more plain.
Any ideas of how to spruce it up a bit for them?
I thought about a tomato on top, but they may not be too keen on hot, plain tomatoes, either.

Hmmm...Just add more cheese?

We're vegetarians so I can't see adding meat...altho' could do a veggie sausage patty too I suppose in that
little 'nest' spot.
Would appreciate any ideas similar to creamed spinach, but not. ;-) Thanks!

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  1. Do cheese and run under the broiler to melt and then sprinkle with a bit of chopped parsely for a bit of color.

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    1. re: Candy

      I second the extra cheese.
      You can't go wrong with cheesy anything for kids.
      You're a sweetie for thinking of them.

      1. re: hbgrrl

        Thanks sooo much to all of you for the great ideas!
        Yum! I'm ready to try all these ideas NOW. :-)

        Actually, decided to go back to cooking on I have a day more to get things ready.
        Thank goodness! (always a bit of a juggle to pull it all together)

        Hope you all have a nice weekend & again, thanks for your help!!

    2. Put three grape tomatoes on top of the scrambled eggs (with or without additional cheese). Skip the chopped parsley but decorate with a full sprig.

      1. How about shredded parmesan or a slice of fresh mozzarella with a little round dollop of pesto on top of that after the cheese is melted?

        Or, do they like asparagus? you could cut the heads of some asparagus and place them on top (or glue them in with cheese)