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Mar 25, 2005 08:28 AM

Lox and Bagels

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Good morning -- What is the proper way to serve lox and bagels? Are there any garnishes that should be there? Should I spread the pieces out on a platter, or leave them together and allow my guests to choose how to peel apart the slices? There will be cream cheese there, but that is all I have thought of so far.



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  1. I vote for putting the lox slices on a platter, though I wouldn't go out of my way to try to do anything really artful with it. Maybe lay them out like a poker player showing his hand, if that makes any sense?

    Garnishes: At our house, we always have some thinly sliced red onion and sliced fresh tomatoes with our Sunday lox and bagels. And a copy of the New York Times Sunday crossword. ;-)

    - er


    1. I usually spread the pieces out on a platter, sometimes over red leaf lettuce so it looks pretty. Lox is usually served with sliced red onions, tomatoes and cucumbers, and many people offer capers as well (and, of course, the cream cheese). You could do one platter of lox and the other of the veggies, or use the sliced veggies as lox decoration. Enjoy!

      1. If you have the time and the inclination (or a small child with either of the above) you can roll the lox slices up individually or twirl them into roses. Arrange on a platter over lettuce leaves and, maybe, sprinkle a few capers over everything. Lemon slices are nice too. I'd arrange the other toppings - thinly sliced red onion, tomato, cucumber - on another platter. Cream cheese separately too.

        1. What’s a Sunday without a bagel?

          How I make mine (learned from a Jewish friend)
          Toasted Plan Bagel
          Spread bottom with cream cheese
          Add the Lox on top of the cream cheese
          Add a Tomato and Onion on top of the Lox
          Top it with the bagel top…

          This is to die for!

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            At the Friar's Club in Beverly Hills they sort of hollow out the bagel bottoms a little so that your cream cheese has a place to rest and your bagel doesn't get unmanagably thick. I've tried it - a nice touch but a lot of work.

            1. re: TomSwift

              my grandfather would scoop his bagels out and fill with cream cheese to cut calories. LOL.

            2. re: phil
              nearsighted lady

              I have no quarrel with the classic bagel & lox ingredients listed here, but I'd like to propose a more practical architecture to the sandwich: The bagel should be topped by cream cheese to begin with, of course, but the assemblage becomes a tidier, easier-to-eat package if you tuck the tomatoes and onions under the lox. Lox is slippery! Stuff balanced on top of it is in danger of sliding off. Better to use the lox as a "tarp" to cover everything and help hold the package together.

              1. re: nearsighted lady

                Agreed, I place the separated sections of sliced red onion on the cream cheese first which keeps the capers from rolling away. Also before topping the tomato with the lox, a little sprinkle of fleur de sel and a grind of tellicherry black pepper.

              2. re: phil

                Although this may be regional, I cannot conceive of lox and bagel as a closed sandwich i.e. bagel on top and bottom. Bagel and lox can be eaten only open faced. While I am quite flexible on politics, religion and ethics, when it comes to bagel construction, the line cannot be crossed.

                1. re: Karl

                  I totally agree--bagels should be eaten one half at a time.

                  I also don't think that there should be tomato and onion. In my family, lox was (and still is) considered a delicacy and we wouldn't dream of distracting from the flavor with so many "fixings."

              3. I agree with what most people have been saying -- definitely make onions, tomatoes, capers and lemons available.

                In my family sometimes we have actually used butter on bagels with smoked fish -- more often for sable or whitefish or baked salmon, but I think having butter available is a plus, even though most people automatically think lox-with-cream-cheese.

                (Of course, if you wish to serve other smoked fish as well, I'm definitely in favor of that idea).

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                1. re: Adrienne

                  we always used butter with chubs/whitefish (not salad). That combo is especially good on pumpernickle bread.