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Mar 24, 2005 09:49 PM

ISO really good scalloped potatoe recipes

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Hi - I am looking for a very yummy recipe. Lots of onions and some cheese would be excellent. I am doing this for a friend with a craving. Thanks.

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  1. I have a really good recipe in my database, but it's from Cook's Illustrated (America's Test Kitchen) and I can't post it here unless I paraphrase it. It's too long to paraphrase and because it's quite well written, I'd be hesitant to to that anyway -- the directions wouldn't be as clearly stated. If you send me your e-mail address I'll send you a copy of the recipe. By the way, the recipe also includes a variation -- Scalloped Potatoes with Wild Mushrooms.

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      I love that recipe... use it all the time. I find it to be quite flexible for adding or altering the dish to add onions, different cheeses, ham, etc.

      previously I have never had scalloped potatoes come out well.. they were always unevenly cooked, took too long, etc. but I think the "pre-cooking" in the pan makes all the difference. cooked that way... they always come out tender and delicious... not matter what additions you put in. :) mmm... am going to make some for an easter side dish on sunday.

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        Please say what issue. Many thanks.


        1. re: Jim Washburn

          Never mind. I found it. April 2003.