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Mar 24, 2005 02:31 PM

Follow up and question: Rosebud jam/jellies/preserves

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Many thanks to all of you who gave me feedback on this topic about a week ago. You saved me a lot of grief!

After borrowing about 15 books from my local library that dealt with the topic, and after confering with the bride-to-be, we opted for a Champagne Jelly that we will make.

The cute little rosebuds will be used to decorate the jars, along with a nice lacy white fabric and some ribbon. I am sure that it will look great and the recipe is very simple to make (5 ingredients, about 15 minutes of work).

Now, I have a question: can you, say, quadruple a jelly recipe or is it better to just make a single recipe over and over again? Any "jellifying" issues, i.e. the jelly not setting, etc.?


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  1. With jams an jellies you really are better off working in small batches, you have more control and less chance of ending up with jars of syrup instead of jelly. Had you thought of using a rose champange for your jelly? The color might be delightful with rose buds on the jars.

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      Yes, I had thought about using rosé sparkling wine - I just need to convince the bride-to-be and the maids-of-honour ;-)
      Thanks for confirming what I suspected about multiple batches of jelly!