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Mar 24, 2005 01:39 PM

Vietnamese Bean Pudding Drink Recipe wanted!

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I enjoy (intensely) a iced drink at a Pho' resturant. Wow! It has kidney beans, white beans, strips of colored gelatin, bean curd, coconut cream, peanuts crumbs and ice.....but I am not sure that's what they are! What is the curd and where do I find it? What coconut cream is used? What gelatin strips are they using and is there sugar. I so much want this recipe! This is SO MUCH Better than an ice cream sundae!!!

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  1. In Chinese we call that "three-colored ice," so maybe a Googling would help.

    Other than that, the yellow curd is shucked green (mung) beans. You can find them in the dried beans section of Asian markets. Sometimes they are called yellow beans, and they look like little egg yolk colored flakes. You soak these in water overnight, then slowly simmer them in enough water to cover (adding more as needed) until soft. Then add sugar. You do the same with the kidney and mung benas.

    Nearby, in the canned goods section, you'll find Thai brands of coconut milk. Don't use the Mexican Coco Loco (that's for pina coladas!).

    You're on your own with the gelatine!

    1. The vietnamese name for that dessert is 'che ba mau' (literally translated, 3 colored drink). I tried googling for a recipe but didn't find any quickly. For me it's much easier to just order this at a restaurant or cafe than to make at home. You pretty much have to buy each component individually.

      You already got good advice on the coconut milk and mung bean (the yellow thing you called bean curd). And you have to mash the yellow mung bean after they're cooked & sugared to end up with the ground paste-like consistency.

      The red & white beans are self-explanatory (after cooking them whole, soak in sugar syrup to taste). Actually I thought the 3 colors refered to red, mung, and black beans, not white, but it's up to you.

      Finally, I don't really know where to find those gelatinous strips, maybe an Asian market? (though I've never seen them sold separate from the drink).

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        Those gelatinous strips are most likely agar-agar (SE Asian jelly made from seaweed). You can buy the dried agar in long translucent strips in sealed plastic bags in most Chinese/Asian supermarkets. Soak till softened, then boil in water with sugar (rock sugar is better than granulated) and pandan leaves (also available in Asian supermarts, in the freezer with the banana leaves). Pour into a mould and refrigerate till hardened, then cut into strips. If there's a Vietnamese grocery near you, check them out - I think I've seen pre-cut dried strips of the stuff sold in plastic bags.

      2. I love that drink too. Always get one w/ my meal; it's like a dessert. This is one of those projects like making homemade ice cream. You should only do it b/c you are interested in the process of making (and of course eating) it, but not b/c you want to save $, time, or energy--because you won't. Viet food is one those wonderful cuisines where it's usually cheaper and better to buy out.

        That being said, I located a recipe for Che Ba Mau (Rainbow Drink as the book calls it) in "Authentic Vietnamese Cooking" by Corinne Trang. It's not exactly like what you get at the resto, but looks good. Looks a bit involved but doable.

        Serves 6

        3/4 c. skinless split mung beans, soaked for 3 hrs. and drained
        3/4 c. sugar
        1/2 c. red azuki beans, soaked for 4 hrs. and drained
        1.5 c. coconut milk
        1/4 c. tapioca pearls
        1 can longan, drained

        Directions paraphrased:
        1. Simmer 2 c. water in pot over med. heat. Add mung beans and 1/4 c. sugar. Cook while stirring til water is completely absorbed, about 20 min. Take off heat, cool, refrigerate.
        2. Bring 2 c. water to a boil in pot over med. heat. Reduce to low heat, add azuki beans and 1/4 c. sugar. Cover and simmer til beans are cooked, about 3 hrs. Take off heat, cool, refrigerate.
        3. Bring coconut milk and 1.5 c. water to boil. Reduce to low heat, add rest of sugar and tapioca pearls. Simmer til pearls are transparent. Take off heat, cool, and refrigerate.
        4. In a tall glass, working in layers, put 2 tbsp. shaved ice in btwn. 3 tbsp. each of everything else. Layer as follows: Ice, coconut tapioca, ice, mung beans, ice, azuki beans, ice, coconut tapioca, few longons on top. Eat w/ sppon and straw.

        1. I did not know it was called che ba mau- three colored drink- Thank you for all the info!!!
          I googled "che ba mau" and founda simple recipe, thought I would share:

          This is an incredibly easy recipe to make -

          Ingredients: Coconut milk
          sugarwater (dissolve 1 part sugar to 2 parts boiling
          red beans , mung beans (the yellow beans - at Asian store)
          Dried jello bits (comes in a bag usually in pink/red
          color & clear; find at Asian store)
          Soak the red beans and mung beans separately over night. Then simmer each individually for 1/2 hour on low heat until very tender and soft.
          Prepare jello bits according to package.
          Now all you do is layer the red beans, mung beans, and jello. Now about 3-4 tbls. of Coconut milk (straight out of the can!) over the mixture. Then add some sugar water on top and let it seep down. When you're ready to eat it, just stir and eat!