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Mar 24, 2005 12:18 PM

need great dessert idea

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I am serving chicken rollatini (w/fontina and speck) and need ideas for a great dessert. Here are the requirements: must be able to be made in 1 hour or less, not too heavy, and delicious!

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  1. the strawberries are starting to get pretty good... can't go wrong with some mascerated berries (I like to use balsamic & a bit of sugar, maybe some orange zest if the strawberries need some help) and a bit of lightly sweetened fresh whipped cream. if you are a baker.. you can make a quick scone or sweetened biscuit and make a little strawberry shortcake.

    or you can add some pound cake or angel food cake.. or some crumbled butter or ginger cookies??? (for time savings.. buy baked items at a good quality bakery).

    it is a simple, pretty and delicious dessert... I've never had anyone turn that sort of thing down.

    1. if the 1 hour less requirement does not include chilling time and you are willing to do it ahead, a buttermilk penna cotta would be perfect, with strawberries and balsamic vinegar.

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        If you are going the strawberries with balsalmic vinegar route, you may want to make a zabaglione. It takes 15 minutes total and it's just egg yolks, cream and a sweet wine.

      2. I have a great chocolate mousse cake made with lady fingers which can be made the day ahead in under an hour. Let me know if your interested

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          Hi-this sounds like a great recipe and just what I'm looking for after Easter brunch. Please mail me or post the recipe. Thanks so much--I'll let you know how it turns out.

        2. The rhubarb fool I posted a couple of days ago would fill that order. I am making it for Sunday and just cooked the rhubarb this afernoon. It will chill until Sunday and be just fine. The cooked rhubarb goes into a parfait glass and topped with whipped cream that has had some sugar and sherry wipped into it and then some sour cream folded in and on top of that go some crushed gingersnaps and then chilled until serving time. It is a snap tomake and delicious.