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Mar 24, 2005 10:41 AM

Desserts that will keep a few days?

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I've been asked to make a dessert for Easter dinner. We're traveling to stay with family, so I'd like to make it tonight and bring it with me. Is there anything that will keep (or improve) for two days and is possible to transport? Thanks!

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  1. You didn't mention how long you will be traveling.

    Cheesecake freezes well - you can make one tonight, freeze it and then bring it on your trip. Maybe Strawberry or Rasberry that you could ganish with fresh berries before serving.

    Most cookies travel well also. Maybe ladylocks with different pasted colors for the filling(that you could also freeze and fill at your destination)

    Ditto for cream puffs

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      crisps and cobblers also freeze well as long as you can heat them up in the oven right before serving to get that nice crispy top.

    2. That polenta cake that I've been posting about keeps really well. It sat on my kitchen counter under plastic wrap for four days with no ill effects (to me nor the cake).


      1. If you have plenty of individual ramekins crème brulee holds/travels well if wrapped with plastic wrap & placed in a cooler with ice packs. Keep refrigerated once you get to your destination. Just remember to bring the sugar and torch.

        1. Pound cake?

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            I think any traditional butter-based cake keeps fine at room temp for a week. Layer cakes with buttercream should be great. Of course, I wouldn't do a whipped cream icing, lemon curd or custard filling, because they would take up fridge space at your destination. ALso, I wouldn't do white mountain frosting, as it "disappears".

            Devil's food is always popular and holds very well, getting better with a little age, IMO.

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            Caitlin McGrath

            Claudia Fleming's Guinness ginger cake from "The Last Course" stays moist at room temperature for several days. It's also fabulous. The recipe calls for a loaf pan or 6-cup bundt pan, but I've found that it works very well in a 9-inch springform pan, which makes it more suitable for a dinner party. All it needs is a sprinkle of powdered sugar before serving (do it over a doily if you want to get fancy) and a scoop of ice cream or dollop of chantilly alongside.