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Mar 23, 2005 05:20 PM

Cheese fondue without the usual suspects?

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I'd like to make a cheese fondue for a party next weekend, but would like to try one without Swiss, Emmantal or Gruyere. I did that the last time this group got together and would love to try something new.

Does anyone have a recipe they wouldn't mind sharing?


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  1. The best cheese fondue I've ever had was at a place in CA called 'La Fondue'. I don't know precise measurements but they started with a beer base (it seemed to me it was JUST beer), let that boil, added a huge amount of chopped garlic, more boiling, then a heaping cup of a blue cheese (or gongonzola) and sundried tomato mixture and finally, good quality cheddar cheese.

    It was really out of this world.

    Oddly, I just bought a fondue book that has many recipes aside from the typical gruyere. If you are looking for something specific let me know.

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      Beer + cheddar = "welsh rarebit".

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        beer + cheddar + blue cheese + sundried tomatoes + garlic - toast - mustard = still Welsh rarebit? I wouldn't think so, no.

        Although I'm a big fan of the Welsh Rarebit as well.

    2. Check out the Artisanal website. It's a fabulous cheese restaurant in NYC. They offer about 6 types of fondue on their menu and also some recipes on their website. You should get some good ideas from that.


      1. I swear by Rick Rodgers' Fondue cookbook. It has all sorts of unique and imaginative-- and delicious!-- fondue recipes.

        Some of my favorites:

        Gouda, Aged gouda & beer

        Fontina d'Aosta & mushroom

        Manchego & green olive

        There are also great dessert fondue recipes, including a berry & riesling fondue (dip pound cake), Toblerone fondue, champagne & explorateur....

        1. Here's an easy recipe and one of our favs: In my own words of course----

          Beer Cheese Fondue
          6 oz. room temp. beer
          3 c. grated sharp cheddar cheese
          2 c. grated swiss cheese
          1 T. flour
          2 tea. minced garlic
          2 tea. Wrocestershire sauce
          1/2 tea. dry mustard
          s and p to taste
          Bread, apples, crackers, and vegies for dipping
          Mix cheeses and flour together and set aside.
          Heat beer in top of double broiler.
          Once beer is very warm, add the cheese just a handful
          at a time and wisk well with each addition. When smooth and
          all cheese has been added, add garlic, mustard,
          worcesterhire and s and p.
          Stir till very smooth.
          Serve at once in fondue pot.

          This is an easy recipe. Everyone always enjoyes it when I serve it.