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Mar 23, 2005 09:52 AM

Favorite Recipes from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone?

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I've noticed that a lot of people here like this book by Deborah Madison. I just got this massive tome, and barely know where to begin. Share your favorites, please!

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  1. I may have the names of some of these recipes slightly off, but I think you'll get the gist (these are in no particular order):

    1. ginger oat shorties
    2. baked olives
    3. roasted red pepper/tomato(e?!) tart (although I've never [and I've tried it many times] been able to get the olive oil tart dough to work well)
    4. naan
    5. she has an Indian-inspired chickpea stew that I actually think is quite good for something not out of an Indian cookbook
    6. I made the babka recipe once, and really liked it, but have never tried any other, so don't have much of a point of comparison.
    7. hard-boiled eggs. OK, nothing special here, but when I use her recipe, they come out perfectly (in my mind).
    8. ok, this one is a long shot (because I'm afraid I got it out of a different cookbook), but there's a Moroccan chickpea dish (all I remember is that there's mint and preserved lemons in it), that I like.

    These are the ones that come to mind off the top of my head. She's got, I think, 4 or 5 cake recipes at the back that I've long meant to try (including an olive oil cake), but never have.


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      curious...what is her recipe for hard boiled eggs???

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        Umm, embarassed to admit, I don't remember. I don't make them often (got started on them as a way of serving eggs to son, who has decided he doesn't care for them, so they're not cooked often), so always look it up.


    2. My favorites are the Hot & Spicy Tapenade (p. 67), Sweet, Salty & Spicy Pecans (p.90), Tofu Salad Spread (p. 129), Steamed Carrots, with mint, (p. 350), and Sweet Potato Muffins with Candied Ginger (p. 644).

      I need to cook my way through more of the book. I use her recommendations for roasting peppers, too, on page 403.

      My friend Michelle, who is much more of an Iron Chef than I, recommends Black Bean Quesadillas (p. 317), Chard & Onion Omelette (p. 576), Fruit Crisps (p. 688-690; yum, I'd forgotten to mention these above), and Sauteed Peppers (p. 402).


      1. I can't remember the exact names, but here's what I've enjoyed:

        - roasted eggplant dip with yogurt (but watch the garlic)
        - Thai tofu and winter squash soup
        - sauteed carrots with celery seed and apple cider vinegar (really great for Thanksgiving and similar meals, and I normally hate cooked carrots)
        - fruit galette
        - corn soup with red peppers and potatoes (someone else actually made this at a dinner party I went to, and it tasted perfectly of summer)

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        1. re: AppleSister

          Oops, forgot my favorite:

          Polenta gratin w/ mushrooms. Like lasagna but with firm polenta instead of noodles.

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            Yes, the polenta with mushrooms is excellent!

        2. I like the lentil minestrone, tempeh in smoky molasses marinade and cardamom cookies. And even though the size of the book and number of recipes seems overwhelming, it's a great book just to page through. I often do that and am reminded of techniques (oh, yeah! broccoli vinaigrette!).

          1. Winter squash galette. I made it last Thanksgiving and everyone raved. Fresh sage is a must for this recipe, just FYI.