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Storing Fresh Ginger

valerie Mar 22, 2005 01:13 PM

Not too long ago there was a post about storing fresh ginger and how to keep fresh it a little longer. I've searched high and low and I can't seem to find the thread. Or maybe I'm just losing my mind.

Anyway, I have a large amount of fresh ginger and I'm only going to use a small amount for dinner tonight. Is there a way to keep it fresh? Normally I just put it in a ziploc bag and stick it in the refrigerator, but is there a better way?


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    DT RE: valerie Mar 22, 2005 01:25 PM

    Store it in the freezer.

    1. c
      claire RE: valerie Mar 22, 2005 01:27 PM

      Freezer, I agree. Store mine in a ziploc and grate as needed.

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        Coyote RE: valerie Mar 22, 2005 01:34 PM

        Definitely freezer. I break or cut ginger into one inch pieces first.

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        1. re: Coyote
          kbl RE: Coyote Mar 22, 2005 02:13 PM

          that's a good idea. I always store in in the fridge in a little water but that is only short term.

          1. re: kbl
            nooodles RE: kbl Mar 22, 2005 02:25 PM

            Freezer, but keeping it on some dirt (under a house plant, or in the yard) works better than keeping it in water in the fridge.

        2. b
          Bob RE: valerie Mar 22, 2005 02:34 PM

          The freezer store it terrifically, but when it thaws it gets mushy. Another idea is to (and I've done this)dice it up in a fine dice and store it covered in a jar topped off with whisket. We used Jamisons and it worked very well. I say 'we' because it was at a catering kitchen in which I used to work. I believe the chef got the idea from a tv cooking show, although i don't know which.

          1. v
            valerie RE: valerie Mar 22, 2005 03:27 PM

            Thanks for the advice!

            1. t
              Tom Steele RE: valerie Mar 22, 2005 03:40 PM

              I just read about a great method for storing ginger in COOK'S ILLUSTRATED. Peel it and cut it into 1-inch pieces and place in a glass jar. Fill the jar with sherry, cover with an airtight lid, and store in the refrigerator for up to 6 months. This way you also get ginger-flavored sherry to use in Asian recipes. Cool, no?

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              1. re: Tom Steele
                Linda W. RE: Tom Steele Mar 22, 2005 03:45 PM

                I've been doing that for years, but I pre-grate the fresh ginger root and then store it in a jar filled with sherry in the fridge. That way, you don't have to grate it later...doesn't seem to lose any of its freshness.

              2. k
                kate RE: valerie Mar 22, 2005 03:55 PM

                I feel very foolish, but I never thought about putting it in the fridge or the freezer! I use it every other night, and buy small pieces and use it quickly. I just chuck it in the lemon bowl, and when I use it, I just trim off the outside bit that's dry, and it is all fresh and juicy underneath. But now I will definitely try the freezer thing!

                one way to use up your ginger - ginger is a wonderful replacement (or even addition to) chopped garlic. The taste is totally different, of course, but both are aromatic, complex tastes which add depth to a dish. I've had fun doing pasta sauces, risotti, etc. with ginger instead of garlic. It gives a wonderful warm richness.

                1. w
                  Wayne Keyser RE: valerie Mar 22, 2005 10:13 PM

                  I recently found large jars of pureed fresh ginger at the Indian market - WAY better than powdered and none of the trouble of fresh - you might want to check it out!

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