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Mar 22, 2005 12:58 PM

best pizza stone in the California Bay Area or online?

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Hello homecookinghounds, I need your help. Where can I find a large square pizza stone? Do they come in rectangles? I only seem to be able to find the round stones.

I'd like to keep mine in the oven to control the heat. I have an old oven right now that heats too high on the bottom. I've thought about loose terra cotta tiles but I also would like to start making homemade pizzas and breads.

Is there a favorite stone out there that a lot of people like? What's a decent price range for these things? I've seen a round one at TJ's for about $15.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Unglazed quarry tiles from Home Depot or a tile store. Measure your oven shelf and buy enough to cover the whole shelf with about 1" airspace all around. They will probably be willing to cut the tiles for you. I use six whole, five half and one quarter.

    Total cost: about $5.

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    1. re: doctor_mama

      Do they stay in place? What about the spaces between them?

      1. re: Tugboat

        Get the ones that are flat on the edges, sans the "nipples" that some of them have as spacers so that the grout will be even. I leave mine in the oven all the time. I find that leaving them in a self cleaning oven renders them like new, just wipe off the ashes if any remain.

        1. re: the food guy

          Mine have straight edges and stay in place just fine. I do remove them between pizza and bread sessions to save energy: The oven takes longer to heat up with the extra thermal mass.