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Mar 22, 2005 12:24 PM

Crab leg question

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Costco had some beauties for sale @ $13.99 lb.
I was tempted but had a dilemma. What is the best way to precut the shells to make eating then easier and neater.
In restaurants they are pre split maybe with some type of saw. How would you do this at home. Furthermore, should you cut the shell before cooking? I imagine of this is doen while cold, it would be a little kinder on your hands.

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    1. re: dude

      Ditto! Occasionally I buy crab legs for myself to eat at home and all I need is pair of scissors. I don't cut them before steaming.

      1. re: Wendy8869

        How long do you steam them?

        1. re: Spudlover

          the rule of thumb i got from a buddy. let the water steam. add the legs. 7 minutes after it starts steaming again.

          i second the shears after steaming, easy and simple.

          1. re: neener

            Thanks, Neener, I will give that a try.

      2. re: dude

        Boy, am I embarassed.
        Thank you for pointing out the obvious.

        1. re: Lanyboy

          What may not be so obvious (although it *is* painfully obvious) is the damage the little sharp spikes can do to your hands as you're cutting the legs. The solution that works for me is to grasp the leg in a thick potholder to protect your skin.