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Mar 22, 2005 07:41 AM

Grill indecisiveness

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Just moved to a place where I can actually have a grill. I obviously MUST own a charcoal grill, and will likely start with a basic Weber kettle.

1. Any comments on the actual usefulness of the side table and rack that come with the Platinum One-touch? Doesn't seem to justify the additional $$.

2. Am I crazy to consider a small gas grill for nights when we don't have the time/energy for charcoal? If so, can anyone comment on the Weber Q portable or similar portable grills?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'd say go with the Weber Gold charcoal grill... I got one for a X-mas gift and have been using it here in the NY suburbs all winter, snow and shine, fo 1-2 people and for 30 person parties... with hardwood charcoal of course. Amazon has a very good price with free delivery... the side racks and such on the platinum are a nuisance and not worth the extra money. A cheap rolling table is more convenient.

    As for the Weber Q... you need to have a table to set it on since it is a table top model or buy the accompanying cart. Also for best performance you need to buy a 20 LB propane tank and the special hose attachment. The small disposable tanks don't put out enough btu's to cook properly. When you add in all the costs for the Q you may want to pick up a different model in a small but full standing propane grill.

    There have been some great posts on this a few months back.

    Some of the best bang for the buck seem to be of the three following brands, and especially those specific models. You can find the first two brands at good prices at The Home Depot and Lowes, as well as some local hardwre stores in season. Or right now with store display models and leftovers from last year at closeout prices. Also do some google seraches for online sales and reviews

    Fiesta Pro-XL

    BroilKing Crown 20

    Napoleon Ultra Chef U405

    Hope this helps you narrow your search down a bit.

    1. I think the time issue is negated with natural hard wood and a good chimney starter.

      You can get it going in 15 minutes and I find it much better than gas.

      Gas still takes several minutes to heat up anyway.

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        I concur. I light mine when I walk in the door. by the time you hit the wc, get a beer and prep the food, you should have a good fire going.

        In fact I think I will tonight

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          Agree--hardwood charcoal is FAST. I had one of those little portable gas grills a while back. Almost useless. Took a while to heat up, such as it ever really did heat up, and couldn't sear squat.

        2. re: Tugboat

          I agree about a chimney starter and hardwood charcoal. I get much hotter and faster with my Weber gold and hardwood than my 40,000 btu propane which I barely use anymore.

        3. I think my dad's weber of many years ago had some sort of side attachement. It didn't work very well, but they may have imporved it since. You will need a stable work area if for nothing else just to set a plate on. I noticed the grills have started to multiply at the hardware store, so maybe look at one and see how solid the work areas are.