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Mar 21, 2005 01:15 PM

layer coconut cake

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My Grandma used to always make a delicious layered coconut cake for Easter. Her health is failing and she isn't able to bake anymore. I want to surprise her and make the cake for Easter, but she can't find her recipe. Does anyone have one? Hers had layers of white cake with a fluffy white frosting and coconut covering the top and sides. Delicious! Any help would be much appreciated!

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  1. If you need a specific recipe, the one below is good. Or, just make your favorite yellow cake layers and moisten them with the water from a fresh coconut. Then find a recipe for 7 minute frosting aka white mountain frosting. I like to add the coconut cream filling in the MS recipe below, but my Mom always just filled the layers w/ more 7min frosting. Top with grated fresh coconut.

    If you aren't up for doing fresh coconut, buy the frozen and use pineapple juice to moisten the layers. (you won't need that if you make the custard filling, it causes the cake to be ultra-moist.)


    1. I think Martha Stewart's site has a good one. I made one last year for Thanksgiving to surprise a friend who loves this cake but I made it with a combination of recipes, mine had coconut custard in the middle. I liked the cake however I thought the actual cake could have been lighter. I am having difficulty making a white cake that isn't really dense although I suppose that is why one makes a homemade white cake in the first place, I am suspect that the reason boxed cakes are lighter is due to all the garbage in them (or I really suck at making white cakes!).

      1. I have neither tasted nor baked this one from the Peninsula Grill in Charleston, SC. It's on my to-do list. I'll use fresh coconut. Can't imagine how it could be less than wonderful.




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          I had this cake made for my wedding and it was fantastic. My baker added coconut milk to the cake to keep it moist and used a mocha filling. It was fabulous. If you do google search for pnenisula grill coconut cake you should get a bunch of hits. I suggest going through them to get people's comments as to what they did or did not like about the cake and adjust the recipe to accordingly to your tastes. That's what I did and I was not disappointed on my wedding day.

        2. I've made the one from the Shu Box cafe from the Epicurious web site. It's moist, delicious, and my coconut loving brother in law raves about it.

          1. look into paula deen's coconut cake