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Mar 21, 2005 10:57 AM

How do you slice an egg shell - very carefully...

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Saturday night I attempted a French Laundry recipe, turffle egg custard. As it turned out, without a special egg slicer, you can cut off the tops of eggs, but just very carefully and with much practice.

For my eight serving, we cracked about 20 eggs.

The whole recipe was not difficult, but so time consuming with the prepping of the egg shells and the making of the chive chips. The flavor was wonderful, truffle oil in the egg custard.

The gist of the recipe was eggs, cream, truffle oil, all baked inside an egg shell. It is topped with a veal stock reduction truff ragou and garnished with a chive potato chip.

I thought as a palate cleanser a slice of fuji apple would finish off the amuse bouche nicely. It did :) I'm sure Mr. Keller would be horrified to know I try to improve his dish.


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