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Mar 20, 2005 09:46 AM

Skirt steak.....Inner vs Outer?

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Can someone please explain the difference between inner skirt steaks and outer skirt steaks and what dishes each should be used for?
Thank You

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  1. I use skirt steak for all kinds of things and I have never heard of inner v outer skirt. I would not worry about the difference

    1. All the skirt steak I see in grocery stores in Texas is labelled inner or inside skirt. I have heard or read someplace that the outside skirt is marginally more desirable, and nearly all of it goes to restaurants.


      1. I think outer skirt is flap steak...found in some markets.

        1. Here's a link with the differences. The inner is more desirable and most traditional for fajitas.


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          1. re: Greg Spence

            In an article in The Sacramento Bee of 10 November 2004 food editor Mike Dunne quotes John Paul Khoury, chef for the Northern California region of the beef distributor Preferred Meats, saying, "The outside skirt provides far superior eating to the inside skirt, which is larger and not as tender. Outside skirts make excellent fajitas, steaks and are particularly good as roulades with various savory fillings."


            1. re: Jim Washburn

              I stand corrected, Jim. The outside cut is indeed the preferred cut for fajitas.

            2. re: Greg Spence

              The outer is often labelled "diaphragm".