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Mar 20, 2005 08:56 AM

gallo pinto

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anyone have a recipie for this great rice and beans dish?

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  1. This has been one of my standard almost weekly recipes ever since I visited Costa Rica in 1995
    Saute a chopped onion and 3-4 cloves of chopped garlic. Add a chopped red bell pepper and cook 'til softened. Add a can of drained and rinsed black beans. Add liberal amts of s& p about 1/4 cup of white vinegar. I usually add 1-2 cups of cooked shredded chicken and when heated thru top w some chopped cilantro and crushed red pepper. Serve over rice and ALWAYS w a side of cole slaw like they do in Costa Rica. I have some hot sauce handy too. I like Inner Beauty.
    Bon Apetit'

    1. Both Nicaragua and Costa Rica have a dish called Gallo Pinto. In Nicaragua it is served at breakfast, lunch or dinner, as an accompaniment to other foods (eggs or meat). Gallo Pinto is a great way to use leftover rice and beans. Below you will find the Nicaraguan version:

      1 1/2 cups cooked beans (pinto or red)
      1 cup cooked day-old long grain white rice (firm, not sticky)
      sliced white onion, to taste
      oil for cooking

      1. Add oil to pan over medium heat.
      2. Put onions in pan, cook until translucent.
      3. Add beans and let the liquid consume, 3-5 minutes.
      4. Add rice and mix, being careful not to mash
      beans. Stir and heat through until flavors meld,
      another 5 minutes
      5. Add salt to taste.

      You can add shredded leftover grilled, baked or braised meat (beef), then it is called revoltijo.

      Typically it is seved with ensalada (which is a slaw of shredded cabbage, onion and tomato, with an acidic flavor coming from vinegar or lime juice)and fresh cheese.