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Mar 19, 2005 06:50 PM

Pho' Broth Recipe wanted

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I am wanting a recipe for Pho' broth. I have been enjoying Pho' with round steak, basil and mung sprouts at a local resturant and want to make it at home. And how do i choose the correct noodle ? Thank you !

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    Professor Salt

    Have a look at Andrea Nguyen's site, Viet World Kitchen. She's a No Cal based writer with an excellent website. She has a pho bo recipe for you.



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    1. Linked below is my mother's pho bo recipe. I grew up w/ it so it has all the comforts and tastes of home for me.

      Looking at it more objectively, I do think there are improvements that can be made. My mom is sort of a fat-phobe (not me though!) so there's not a whole lot of fat like in some richer, more savory versions (w/ beef tendons, etc). I'm going to add beef tendons next time.

      She also adds wonton soup base for additional flavoring which might weird some people out. That's really optional as long as one has enough meat and aromatics.

      I include a picture of the noodles I used (medium thick rice noodles) which should give you some idea of what to look for in the Asian market. Good luck!


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        Thank you so much ! Greatly appreciated!!!

      2. The original comment has been removed