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Mar 19, 2005 04:02 PM

Buddha's hand

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What can you do with buddha's hand fruits? They are a variety of citrus but (stay with me) they are shaped like a tassel. I've heard of the flavored vodkas available from Hangar one, and I'm sure they're amazing, but I wonder what to do with the fruit or with its peel. Every time I see one I imagine exotic and wonderful dishes must be possible, if only one knew the recipes.

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  1. a recent post on the SF Bay Area board has this intriguing reponse, linked below.


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    1. re: Joel Teller

      I got 4 of them free a while back and made candied citrus with them. Then I used the candied fruit in cookies and fruitcake.

    2. in addition to candied peel ( there really is no fruit/juice inside), I've heard of, but not tried myself, using it fresh in paper-thin slices in a salad
      the gorgeous shape and amazing perfume lead me to just keep one on the counter for the sheer pleasure