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Mar 18, 2005 05:46 PM

dressing for roasted mushrooms?

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I remember a side of mushrooms I've had in steak houses in the past: mushrooms on kebab sticks, roasted so that they are slightly shrivelled, full of flavour from being marinated or dressed in something like red wine vinegar or BBQ sauce. I'd like to make something like this myself, but my experiments with balsamic and EVOO have created a flavour too strong and not complex enough. Can anyone suggest a dressing or marinade I could make for roasted mushrooms, that I could make from scratch (i.e. not a bottled barbeque sauce)? At what temperature and for how long do you reccomend roasting them? Thanks!

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  1. I usually saute mushrooms with lemon juice, garlic and a bit of S/P. I saute them in a bit of butter/olive oil. Deceptively simple, but really delicoius. I'm sure you could use the same ingredients for roasting or grilling. ( though I do love to skewer mushrooms, peppers, small onions and grape tomatoes and grill- basting with hoison sauce as they cook. Really good served with shrimp, cooked the same way.)

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      A splash of sherry really makes a difference too.

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        thanks, coll- I will try that tonight, as we are having steak, and I love mushrooms with steak. This board is great for helping me "tweak" my cooking.

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          Me too, and for menu ideas when I don't have time to